Are you affiliated with or or Info@scrapbook?

We are regularly contacted by people who confuse us with (a.k.a. or Scrapbook Support or Info@scrapbook). In fact, we have been contacted by so many of their disgruntled customers that we had to create a special page here to explain that WE ARE NOT AFFILIATED WITH SCRAPBOOK247.COM or SCRAPBOOKSUPPORT.COM or INFO@SCRAPBOOK IN ANY WAY

Several of their customers have contacted us and indicated that they felt they were misled or taken advantage of by Scrapbook247/ and some even accused us of being a part of what they called a scam before realizing that we are not Scrapbook247/ and that WE ARE NOT AFFILIATED WITH OR ASSOCIATED WITH THEM IN ANY WAY.

We are ( We sell scrapbooking and crafting products and ship them to customers who have purchased those items and we never charge your credit card unless you come to our site and buy something directly from us. They are Scrapbook247 and they have two websites and offers a low-priced, bargain-bin scrapbooking kit on this page, but in what may be a confusing way of presentation to many of their customers, they indicate that they will continue to bill your card each month as part of a "subscription". You probably ordered a kit from them at some point in the past. Unfortunately, you may not have realized that you were actually signing up for a "subscription" when you bought the kit. And that's probably why you are surprised that they continued to bill your card. Also, when they bill your card, they do it with the company name "Scrapbook Support" or "Info@scrapbook." instead of We have been contacted by many of their disgruntled customers who indicated to us that they felt they were misled or taken advantage of. does not allow you to contact them directly on their site. They force customers go to another site entirely at to cancel their "subscription". They also don't allow search engines to show their customer service site or their order form page (located here) so when you search Google or another search engine for "Scrapbook Support", you can't find them. You find us instead. (Note: You can see that they disallow any search engines from showing their customer support page via their robots.txt here - as of 10/15/2014).  They also hide their contact information from the public whois database (located here). That makes it awfully difficult to find them when you are looking for a refund or for information about the charges on your card. That's likely why you found us instead of them when you were trying to cancel your subscription. If you have a charge on your credit card statement from Scrapbook247 or Scrapbook Support, please note that is them. WE HAVE NO AFFILIATION WITH or or INFO@SCRAPBOOK but we feel bad that you are having to deal with this. If you feel you have been taken advantage of by them or misled by them, you may want to do the following:

1.  File a chargeback with your credit card company. Your credit card company can help you get your money back. Also, Scrapbook247 (a.k.a. Scrapbook Support) will get charged a fee for every chargeback that is filed against them. If enough customers file chargebacks, the fees will mount. Also, Visa, Master Card and American Express may force them to clarify the purchase/sign-up process for future customers or they could revoke their ability/permission to accept credit cards on their site. You may also want to tell your credit card company to block them from charging your card any more or they may try and bill you again next month.

2.  File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. You can see their current BBB rating here and you can quickly submit a complaint to the BBB here. It's fast and easy and really does make a difference. 
3. Contact the California Attorney General to file a complaint. You can file a complaing with the CA Attorney General here. You will need the businesses contact info, which is found below. 

4. Contact the FTC and file a complaint. You can contact the FTC here.  Again, their business info and address is found below. 

Their Business Address:
8939 S. Sepulveda Blvd Suite #110-266
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Phone: 888-756-3556

If you believe you have been hurt by them, you can help yourself and others who may feel misled by taking the steps listed above. After taking the steps above, you may also want to contact them directly at  888-756-3556 or through their website   here or via letter (address listed above) and let them know how you feel about your experience with them. They have made attempts to hide their physical address and phone number, but we found both and have posted them here for your convenience in contacting them and in filing complaints. 

Again,  WE ARE NOT AFFILIATED WITH THEM IN ANY WAY but we are sorry for the trouble they have caused you and we'll always be here to help with any scrapbooking or crafting questions you have in the future. 

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