Changes from the original Forums

In September 2019, we replaced our long-standing forum software with a new platform that will allow us to support the changing security and usability requirements of the internet.  

We are grateful to everyone who continues to participate in the forums. We understand that this is a place where friendships are built, and a community is established, and papercrafters feel welcome. We are happy to continue to communicate supporting you now and in the future.

Common Questions from Users

Why have the forums been replaced?

The company that created and maintained the forum software no longer exists and the software is no longer compatible with the website. Rather than remove the forums entirely, we decided to replace them with a new platform. 

What has happened to the existing threads/topics?

Most topics have moved into the new system.  Some existing threads and topics are not compatible with the new discussion platform and have not been transferred.

Will this switch affect or alter any other areas of the site?

This will only affect the existing forum pages. All of your gallery images, favorites inside the gallery, and other areas of the website will be retained and will not be impacted.

Changes from the original Forums

  • The front page of forums is now a quick view and the latest updated, newest and trending topics (the previous forums showed a large list of different forum categories). 
  • Forum categories have been reduced to just 4 main categories. 
  • Private Messages are now called Direct Messages, and can only be sent between two individuals.
  • You can now mark individual posts as "favorites" by clicking a heart icon next to a post. 
  • The old forums allowed you to find and select Friends and Best Friends. Those lists have been retired and have all have been consolidated under Following.  Anyone that was in your Friends or Best Friends lists have been added to your Following list.
  • There are no longer individual Signatures for each person that show under each post.
  • Topics are limited to 3,000 posts. If a topic reaches 3,000 posts, it will be closed automatically. If you would like to continue the conversation, you will need to create a new topic/conversation.
  • The old emojis have been retired and replaced with a new set of fun emojis, with several hundred to choose from. 
  • The Public Comments area has been removed

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