Direct Messages

Direct Messages (or DMs) are a great way to connect individually with people you follow on Direct Messages are private and only view-able to the people who are invited to participate in the conversation. The same rules for comportment and courtesy in the public forum also apply to direct messages. 

Direct Message Participant Limits

The default limit for participants in a direct message is one (1). As you spend more time on the site and contribute to conversations on the site, your account will be automatically reviewed and the limit may increase. The highest limit for participants in a direct messages is 10

Viewing Direct Messages

When someone sends you a DM, it will show up in the Notifications near your profile picture at the top of the site.
You can also view your DMs or create new DMs any time by going to My Account > My Conversations > My Direct Messages.

Sending Direct Messages

Start a DM by either going to  My Account > My Conversations > My Direct Messages and clicking New Message, or by visiting a user's profile page and clicking Send Direct Message.
Remember that you can only send a DM to users that you follow, and you may only send a DM to one person at a time unless your account has been authorized for a higher limit. .
Note: You can only create a limited number of new direct message conversations per day.<br>

Deleting a Single Direct Message Post

Click the small pencil on the bottom right of the post

Next, click the delete button.

Deleting an Entire Direct Message Thread

The owner/originator of any thread can delete it at any time.  Simply click the pencil icon just right of the DM title

Next, check the delete box and press submit.

Direct Message Notifications

Choose how you would like to be notified of DMs by selecting the notification option at the top of the DM pages.  You can change the setting for all DMs, or customize your notifications in an individual DM.

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