Posting and Replying To Topics


There are hundreds of emoji options to our forums for you to use. Just click the emoji icon in the editor toolbar and enjoy!

Insert Products

Did you just find the hot new product? Link it in your post! Click the Insert Product button in the toolbar.
Next, copy and paste the URL (or the SKU) of the product you want to link into the box that pops up.

Insert Gallery Image

Just finish posting a project to the gallery that you're particularly proud of? You can share it in the forum with your friends too! Click the Insert Gallery Image button.
Next, copy and paste the URL (or Gallery ID) of your Gallery image into the box that pops up.
That's it! You've just linked your gallery image to your forum post and the image will show up in your post.

Text Formatting

We've got the basic formatting covered. You can use bold, italics, underline, left, center, right, bullet lists and number lists.

Additional Tools

There are a few more tools in the toolbar to let you know about.
  • Hyperlink: Allows you to create a link to another section of the website. (**Note: Links to other websites will not be hyperlinked)
  • Remove Hyperlink: Removes links to websites and leaves the text behind
  • Insert Image: Allows you to copy and paste a URL to an image from another website to insert into your post.
  • Remove Formatting: Copy and pasting information can add strange formatting. Highlight your text and click this button to clean it up.
  • Undo: The Oops button
  • Redo: The Oops-Oops button
  • Show Code: Seldom needed except for troubleshooting, the Show Code button allows you to see the magic behind what makes your posts look beautiful.

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